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The Gobsmack'd Greetings' "it gets better" card.

The Truthteller Line tells it like is. The Truthteller Line will admit when they misplaced your Thin Man box set even though that seems improbable, you know the Truthteller Line really cannot find it. But the Truthteller Line will offer to buy you a new one. The Truthteller Line is honest. And now, you and the Truthteller Line both have a box set since the first one was eventually found.

On November 20th in 1820, a group of whalers on the Essex found out what it was like to be on the bad side of a sperm whale when it destroyed their ship and sunk it. For some, the harrowing tale of the surviving sailors and their arduous journey of starvation, drawing lots and cannibalism on the unforgiving sea inspired great art like Herman Melville's novel, Moby Dick, which everyone is encouraged to read in high school. For others, we sort of viewed it from the harpooned whale's point of view and used it as fodder for a tacky card to inspire someone to keep their chin up in hard times. Things often look very different from the right perspective.

And all on 100% PCW recycled paper.

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