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Thanksgiving Thursday Throwback

Throwback Thursday! While Gobsmack'd Greetings was originally ghostwriting papers and presentations since the 1990s, we first started producing cards in 2001 (the origin story involves an unfortunate gift of unflattering, high-waisted pants) and we first went official as cardmaking in 2009. We jazz-handed and tapped danced our way to the National Stationery Show in NYC in 2010.

We did a lot of work finding a local printer who would use 100% PCW paper, compostable sleeves and hand embossing a lot of envelopes, resulting in a sort of Popeye-like forearm. Luckily, the bibliophilia "problem" and strong love of nerdy details, resulted in an unique card. Not a lot of cards out there reference the bubonic plague to give a sick friend or the size of a canned ham to thank your mother on Mother's Day.

We're excited to still be writing card copy and shilling cards. Thankful really.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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