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After an unfortunate, unflattering holiday gift of high-waisted, Ed Grimley-esque pants with suspenders and a white turtleneck sweater, I resolved to only give the gift of charity to friends and family instead of potentially unwanted presents.** This required a nice and/or amusing card to notify the recipients of the charity chosen. On the market, all I found were saccharine, cheesy cards dripping with sentiment in undesirable fonts (Papyrus, Comic Sans, etc., so I started making my own holiday cards.


And with that one gift, my greeting card company, Gobsmack'd Greetings, was born. I write the copy, design the cards, write press releases, social media posts and customer correspondence. I also take on freelance writing projects covering everything from content management and social media copy to birth announcements to dating profiles to whiskey tasting notes to cover letters.


* I also have a number of cartoon images of myself. 


** I have a slight bibliophila problem. In that, I don't have enough room. 


*** I have always admired/aspired to the 30,000 books in Umberto Eco's library.

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