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Wordsmith & Scribe-for-Hire. 


My background in the arts and dramaturgy has given me experience doing research, compiling information and summarizing that information for publication and general public consumption. I have created social media content, , created original swag products, drafted subscriber emails, written non-profit fundraising pledges, instructional manuals for K-12 teachers and strategy and implementation plans for a Board of Directors. I have experience working on a wide variety of writing projects from the more mundane resumes and cover letters to theater program notes to saucy dating profiles for people who are interesting, but were cursed with poor writing skills. And on occasion, I have written intriguing Post-it® notes. 


* social media content creation and management  * program notes dramaturgical research subscriber email copy client correspondence *   press releases * blog copy newsletter copy * website copy marketing material copy * summary cheat sheets *


You can read more and see sample work at:

Content Creation and Management


I have written and curated content for social media channels creating a consistent voice and tone, designed content calendars for integrated social media and campaigns, identified opportunities for cross promotions, integrating social, community-based media into a broader business strategy and managed the day-to-day needs of social media channels.


I have written website copy, subscriber email copy and responded to inquiries and comments from followers. I’ve also created information binders and cheat sheets for board members, welcome packets, and instructional manuals for K-12 teachers and implementation plans for corporate staff.


I am comfortable in the daily management of online communities whether they are repeat volunteers, current subscribers or new or prospective clients. 



Event and Marketing Collateral


My background as an event manager for over 15 years, sometimes juggling up to 150 events annually, means I have not only produced performances, organized client and new business functions, and national and regional events, I also had to be able to create event invitations, advertising flyers, event programs, PR packets and PSAs for local radio stations. Often that entailed everything from coming up with an idea to writing copy and producing the final product. 


Additionally, I have written grants and fundraising pitch letters for non-profits, written interviews with artists, and created custom swag items for events. And my freelancing projects have ranged from business cards and flyers for a dogwalking business to birth announcements for a new baby. Which is marketing your new baby to your friends and family. 


When I started my own business, I didn't have a team, so I write blog copy, web copy and all press materials for Gobsmack’d Greetings.


Humble Brag: Gobsmack’d Greetings was listed as a trend to watch by eGreetings, etc. for our use of words and appeal to logophiles (aka word nerds)

Writing Projects


I sometimes take on silly custom books and projects for friends and family. I barely escaped National Novel Writing Month in 2014 & 2015, which means 50,000 words in 30 days. In 2018, I successfully completed NaNoWriMo completely rewriting My Chop Saw Dress, a book I mostly finished during National Novel Writing Month in 2013. I am currently editing my 3rd custom children's book and looking for a new artist. We'll see how that all shakes out since I don't have that Twilight Zone stopwatch that stops time for side hustles and projects.


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