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Meet Our Card Lines.


We too dream of a world where we all are able to free up minutes, valuable minutes, of every week that would normally be filled with manufacturing sentiment in card form to solve the energy crisis or to finally fill out that MENSA application.


And Gobsmack'd Greetings is here to help.



The Gobsmack’d Greetings Anecdote line concentrates on the most likely, true tales of days of yore. What better way to say I’m sorry than to reference a Tallulah Bankhead slip up that was most likely much worse than anything you have done? What better way to tell someone you think they are pretty cool than by comparing him or her to Sinatra? The Anecdote Line allows you to say quite a bit, without actually saying very much. The 8 Anecdote cards will be joined by 8 card friends in our Summer collection debuting in winter 2014. 


Half & Half.


“Between the optimist and the pessimist, the difference is droll. The optimist sees the doughnut; the pessimist the hole!”  - often attributed to Oscar Wilde


While we cannot claim to be all sunny sides of the street and unicorn horn optimists 24/7 here at Gobsmack’d Greetings, we are happy to acknowledge that most of life’s situations can been seen from both the negative side (I have to give up my remote control dominance and share) and the positive side (I never have to shave my legs again! I’m getting married!). The Gobsmack’d Greetings Half & Half line tries to highlight the best and the worst of every situation. You may have to endure the startling vision of your grandfather doing the funky chicken at your wedding, but once it is over you get to go on a honeymoon just for two.  Gobsmack’d Greetings knows with great lows, there often are great highs along for the ride and we have 16 cards to prove it.




The Gobsmack’d Greetings Lexicon line consists of 16 cards that allow you to use the less popular, but no less descriptive vocabulary of the great English language to let someone know how you feel. Think that new person at work is the bee’s knees? Have you made a social faux pas and wanna to say, you were wrong, simply and succinctly? Do you sometimes refer to the Oxford English Dictionary as the 'O.E.D.' in mixed company assuming they will all know what you mean? Then the Lexicon Gobsmack’d Greetings line most likely has something for you. 



The Gobsmack’d Greetings Phrenology line doesn’t actually allow you access to the dark regions of the human psyche nor is it a portal into anyone’s personality. However, with this line, you can highlight what you are thinking and send it in card form. Now much maligned as a pseudoscience, the 8 cards of the Phrenology line allow you to go back to a time when it was easy to reveal exactly what was on your mind, but without a de facto scalp massage. 


Shop Talk.


The Shop Talk line blends theatre and real life. Using the vocabulary of the theatre nerds you knew in high school and applying it to day-to-day situations, you can tell someone “happy birthday”, “good job” or “I’m sorry”. Have fun sharing words that actually grew from the predecessors of that clique of kids in black clothes who were smoking cloves and discussing the genius of a three hour play where the protagonist never shows up. The 8 cards in the Shop Talk line will be joined by 8 cards from the companion Backstory card line in winter 2014. 




For years, since Valentine's Day was invented by some smug, corporate coupled person, single people have been left out of the mix. They aren't supposed to make restaurant reservations on the 14th and they generally don't get any expensive presents. Hidden away like the first Mrs. Rochester, biding her time in the attic while Jane Eyre sweetly falls in love with her husband downstairs. But single persons aren't meant to be pitied. Life for the single individual is actually pretty good. Single people are viable members of every community. The time has come to remove unattached people from the sidelines on February 14th and we here at Gobsmack'd Greetings have made a commitment to honor those single people who have no romantically charming story to tell on February 15th, but very likely still had a very good time the night before. Singletons still like gifts and flowers just because, but if push comes to shove they can buy their own damn chocolate. And the new Singles Buy Your Own Chocolate Valentine's Day card campaign is here with 5 cards in various lines to celebrate that fact. Celebrate the singles in your life … with a card.



The Gobsmack’d Greetings Truthteller line consists of 16 cards that, in the words of Aaron Neville, “tell it like it is”.  On Mother’s Day you can let mom know that you appreciate all the hard work she’s done to get you here on the planet. What harm is there in pointing out that newborn babies weigh the same as canned hams and bowling balls? You get it. And as for Halloween, isn’t it interesting to know a little bit of back-story into the slutty nurse and other slutty costumes you see on the street today? The truthteller line is here to suss out these less than well-known facts and bring them to you in card form.


Well Played.


Sometimes you just need to tell someone "thank you". Sometimes someone has done something so excellent, so fantastic, so awe-inspiring that you feel just as pleased as that one time you were broke and then found a $20 bill balled up in your jacket pocket. So we condensed that special found money feeling into card form. For times when that special someone has gone above and beyond. Need a way to thank someone for not letting you leave the house in "those pants" or finally convincing you that your ex really did not want to hear from you at 3 am? We’ve got 7 cards for that. 




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