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Cards by Occasion. 


As Aaron Neville has pointed out, your time is expensive and we appreciate that. So here's a breakdown of all of our cards grouped by situations you might find yourself in, card-less, needing a card. Everything from a new baby on the horizon to a new crush you think is the bee's knees to telling someone that you are sorry they never wash their hands before they eat and that is probably how they got sick again (but saying it nicer)

Amore, Amor, Liebe. 


All things crush-y. Give that someone special a hint you want to go out. A wink wink, a chicka chicka bom bom, nudge nudge in card form. 





No one hates apologizing more than we do at Gobsmack'd Greetings. Here you'll find cards serving all of your "I'm sorry", "I messed up" and "my bad needs. 





We love moxie. We love people who are get dressed up and play wingman even though they hate it, we love sassy comebacks and epicureans and bon vivants. These cards celebrate human awesomeness in all of its forms: good friends, future mentors and people who are just fun at parties. Like my good friend, Dale Seever, who is the best person to sit next to at a party.





Cards that celebrate someone passing another year on the planet and staying alive with all those bacon-based products out there. A Congratulations On Your Escape From A Uterus: In Card Form. 

Get Well.


Despite all the advances in hygiene since the 1400s and medicine being available in every drugstore, people still get sick. And sometimes, you have to acknowledge that sickness. And Gobsmack'd Greetings is here to help. In card form. 



Getting Hitched.


All things married people. Cards for pre-married, engaged people and newly married, married people. We have cards for those people who post romantic things on Facebook that really belong in a text message (yuck) and for someone dreading their grandpa doing a cane-friendly, yet still oddly provocative version of the Funky Chicken at their reception. 





All things holiday. New Year's. Groundhog's Day. Valentine's Day. St. Patrick's Day. Easter. Columbus Day. Halloween. Hallowmas. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Hanukah. And the all important, Admininstrative Professionals Day, where bosses give gifts because they have no idea exactly what Administrative Professionals do. 


New Baby. 


Cards celebrating all things new baby no matter where they came from or how you know them. Grandparents who are new to the whole baby party. New adopted babies. New multiple babies (your twins, triplets and beyond). And your regular old, throwing up on your favorite sweater, single baby. 



New Job.


Everyone dreams of that dramatic exit from the job they do not like. Or the move to the new job that is better suited for them. Here's a way to celebrate that departure for greener employment pastures in card form. 




The single person often gets the short end of the stick. The role of sidekick. Years of buying engagement, wedding and new baby gifts without any sort of return on any fiduciary friendship obligation (remember that destination wedding you had in Bali?!). But nightly remote control dominance and extra disposable cash is nothing to shake any length stick at. Celebrate the the singleton in your life with a Gobsmack'd Greetings card.  


Thanks & Congrats. 


Sometimes you want to say, "thanks". Sometimes you need to congratulate someone on that extra pep in their step, a little less junk in their trunk of a job well done. Or sometimes you just want to thank someone for bailing you out of jail that one weekend in Sacramento. You remember why. We've got a card for that. 

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