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Eco Ethos

We are printing up a few new card lines that will debut at the end of the summer. Our revised That's Your Gift charity cards, That's My Baby new baby card line and Getting Hitched wedding card line are all currently somewhere in the print press process.

Gobsmack’d Greetings is based in California in the San Francisco Bay Area. California is home to the largest trees in the world (Giant Sequoias), the oldest trees in the world (Great Basin Bristlecone pines) and tallest trees in the world (California Redwoods/Giant Redwoods). After running around, walking through and sitting next to trees that have a 100 foot waistline or are 4,000 years old, it is hard to imagine playing any role in their destruction.

So all of our Gobsmack'd Greetings products are printed on 100% recycled, 100% post-consumer waste (PCW) paper and come with 100% recycled, 30% PCW hand stamped envelopes. They are packed in compostable, Eco-Clear sleeves.

By using 100 % PCW recycled paper, Gobsmack’d Greetings is proud to report that our last print run saved:

649 pounds of wood = the equivalent of 2 trees that supply enough oxygen for one person annually

948 gallons of water = enough water for almost 2 full months of 8 minute long showers

656,000 BTUs of energy = enough energy to power the average U.S. house for 3 days

58 pounds of solid waste = enough to fill 13 trash cans to the brim

197 pounds of emissions = the amount of carbon consumed by 2 tree seedlings over the course of a decade

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