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Happy Birthday, Sammy Davis, Jr.!

One-eyed. Tap dancer. Singer. Civil Rights Pioneer. Member of the Rat Pack. Mimic. Sammy Davis, Jr. was a pretty cool cat in a 5'5" package.

When Sammy met and fell in love with Swedish actress, May Britt, miscegenation (interracial marriage) was illegal in 31 states. Sammy lost jobs. May was dropped from the movie studio. And they received death threats. But they still got married in 1960. If that doesn't speak of a great love, it speaks of a great perseverance.

Gobsmack'd Greetings wants to help you say, "I miss you" to your partner, significant other or secret crush by honoring that commitment. You cannot outlaw love! Like Black Friday "deals" and Turkey day meat comas - it cannot be contained! And all on 100% PCW recycled paper.

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