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Card of the Week - Thanks, Mom!

She's the one that made sure you had three square meals a day. She's the one who took care of you when you were sick. She's the one who bought you those Calvin Klein jeans you just had to have before the 6th grade dance. And she didn't laugh when you fell into a puddle of spilled pickle juice in those jeans and she had to pick you up early. Call her Mama, Moms, Ma or Mother, but for that alone she deserves respect.

But she also carried you for nine months forgoing wine, wetting her pants as you danced on her bladder, and birthed your anvil-shaped head with grace. She also worried about you, checked in on you when she was too tired to think straight and kissed your forehead while you were sleeping. She'll be your mother all of her life. The least you can do is tell her "thanks" Gobsmack'd Greetings style with our Truthteller Mother's Day card.

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