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Card of the Week - Christmas in July

Here at Gobsmack'd Greetings we love the holidays. Why? The breaking of so many deadly sins, sins like sloth and gluttony the first day off - and that is just for starters. But there are also a lot of dangers lurking during this period of unexpected mistletoe taped in a door frame, visiting in-laws, and open bars at workplace parties. Here at Gobsmack'd Greetings we've drawn up a holiday line, Tis the Season, that features holiday agreements that should exist between friends - like establishing a party safeword, making sure you don't get stuck under the mistletoe with an amorous coworker and mutual champagne drink monitoring. "You've had four, you are doing the can-can and you are now officially cut off!" And all on 100% PCW recycled paper.

This card celebrates the seasonal safeword. You establish a safeword (chinchilla, potato, etc.) before your holiday party, workplace gathering, forced caroling and when one of the pact utters the word, they require immediate rescue. This can entail a dramatic excuse, "I'm allergic to pistachios and I just ate some fruit cake filled with nuts and my Epi-Pen is in your car" or even an excuse that is obviously fake and will be found out soon enough, but will allow you to escape in that moment "I just found out you are pregnant and we need to go to the local market to pick up a pregnancy test".

Happy Christmas in July.

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