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Card of the Week - The New Favorite

Here at Gobsmack'd Greetings, we like to read books. A lot of our card ideas come from books. Particularly, biography and history books. We're the person grimacing at the party when you turn know-it-all and conflate Mary, Queen of Scots and Bloody Mary and tell a Frankenstein story mixing up their histories. We want to learn little tidbits and fun details. We are the best to sit next to when the power goes out.

But we get a lot of card ideas from books and anecdotes from history : Verlaine shooting Rimbaud, the whaling ship, Essex, harpooining a whale and then that whale destroying the Essex leaving all the sailors dead or stranded, and less macabe stuff like the plague and babies weighing about as much as a bowling ball. We like lost language and less popular vocabulary (your kerfuffles, hullaballoos and bees knees). All card fodder.

Here we celebrate the favorite. The one person who has the power to do things you find annoying in others, not only leaving you feeling tolerant and benevolent, but often making you giggle. The only person you could imagine sharing that Cheng and Eng costume you thought up 2 hours before you had to be at that Halloween party last year. The one person who "gets" you. Like Louis XIV's sun court, the one person who gets to sit at your two person settee, share a glass of fine cognac while you admire each other's fancy, ribboned shoes.

So this week's Card of the Week is from our Well Played card line and celebrates the favorite.

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