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Card of the Week - You've Got Me Discombobulated

Here are Gobsmack'd Greetings we love crushes. We like that giddy, 13 year old, giggly feeling you get when you think someone is the bee's knees. Feeling like an anecdote from Cynthia Kaplan's great book on romantic and societal awkwardness, Why I'm Like This. We like trying give a saucy wink, getting the timing wrong and then pretending you have something stuck in your eye. We didn't say we were good at flirting, just that we liked crushes.

Our Lexicon card line celebrates vocabulary. And what better way to let someone know you are befuddled, confused and flummoxed over the cut of their jib? By giving them a card celebrating the discombobulation that sometimes your constant sidekick in the early stages of romance.

#7901 lexicon.jpg

Cheers, Michelle

So this week's Card of the Week is from our Well Played card line and celebrates the favorite.

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