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Card of the Week - Trick or Treat, Sexy Construction Worker!

Here at Gobsmackd, we love Halloween. Not the new-fangled, too cool to dress up and/or slutty Harry Potter Halloween, but the old school, clever costume, there is no shame in enthusiasm Halloween. In honor of full disclosure, my Halloween history is filled with historical costumes (Queen of Sheba, Medusa, Athena, Euphrosyne and Heroidias) that confuse party-goers and might have put me on a terror watch list for buying 1st century, middle eastern headgear for accuracy.

Our Truthteller Line also is honest and tells it like is. The Truthteller Line would also enjoy wearing authentic, historic costumes even when they do not make any sense to others. The Truthteller Line will bite directly into the candy apple, never nibbling pensively along the exterior. In that same tradition, Gobsmack'd Greetings thinks it is interesting that every 3rd costume now seems to be a slutty version of a real occupation. We almost long for the good old days when people dressed up as your dead relatives and went around asking for cake to free souls. And all on 100% PCW recycled paper.

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