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Card of the Week - Turkey Day's Origin Story

The Truthteller Line tells it like is. The Truthteller Line never pretends to know where it is when it does not. The Truthteller Line does not pretend they are going to fit in those pants that are obviously 2 sizes too small. The Truthteller Line is not going to ever call that large coffee a "venti" no matter how often you repeat it back.

In that same tradition, Gobsmack'd Greetings remembers years of playing pilgrims and indians in school to celebrate Thanksgiving. Knowing what we all know now, perhaps our decorated undershirt wearing Indians (I distinctly remember being named Peach Blossom and carrying a tomahawk, so I'm now issuing a "sorry" to the entire Native American population) would not have been quite so pleasant to our black, construction paper hat wearing pilgrims. Or use "how" as a greeting.

And all on 100% PCW recycled paper.

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