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Our Card of the Week - The Magi Covenant

When coming up with the Tis the Season card line and bringing our Gobsmack'd sensibility into the mix, we realized what was missing: legal agreements between friends and family. The main source of your tension, trepidation and fear of sharing any new, potentially mockable or unpleasant news is often the reaction from cherished friends and beloved family. If there were holiday agreements everyone agreed upon prior, it seems like that stress would fade away. Imagine that Thanksgiving dinner!

First up, our Magi Covenant. You can handle most things for 72 hours. Seventy-two hours is a short work week! The astronauts sat in a tiny space capsule for 72 hours to get to the moon! Seventy hours is how long you should be prepared to take care of yourself in a natural disaster! Surely you can handle guests in your home, going through your stuff and remarking on that closet that you always keep closed? You both know it is filled with all the things you didn't have time to put away or clean, so why even bring it up?

So 72 hours. Great. But no longer! By making the Magi Covenant with someone, you are promising to support each other in sticking to the 3 day houseguest rule. Even if that means coming over in the 73rd hour and evicting them.

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