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Small Business Saturday 2014

This year we're happy to be part of Small Business Saturday again.

We all like to get things quickly and cheaply, but there is a great pleasure in having a local bookstore where the staff feed your bibliophilia beast without question or a little coffee shop where no one says "expresso" or a favorite Japanese restaurant within walking distance of your house, where they know your name and bring you a glass of onigoroshi sake as soon as you sit down. Those examples are very specific to me personally, but that is why small businesses are so important. Everyone has that local spot.

So today, even though it is the last 48 hours of NaNoWriMo and my word count is low, I am determined to go local in San Francisco and hit my local farmer's market (which I do almost every Saturday, so not much to brag about), my favorite local bookstore and a one man printing shop, which are harder and harder to find. And I hope inbetween the ugly stepsisters of Black Friday and the Cyber Monday, everyone will support the noble Ella, sleeping in the ashes that is Small Business Saturday.

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