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Our Card of the Week - The Mistletoe Alliance

When coming up with the Tis the Season card line and bringing our Gobsmack'd sensibility into the mix, we realized what was missing: legal agreements between friends and family.

Everyone has been to that party where somehow, some way, your lack of interest and ugly, itchy holiday sweater acts like catnip on some unwanted suitor. You raise your brow, you snort derisively, you even tell the story about that summer you realized you were allergic to uni and had to be taken to the hospital with a puffy face and clawing at your throat. And yet, you cannot shake the errant suitor.

Then it happened. While sipping a subpar merlot or talking about the trouble with water heaters in winter, you found yourself standing unknowingly, yet invitingly underneath a sprig of mistletoe. Or maybe none of that happened and you overdid it on peppermint Kahlua bombs and found yourself with an extra peppy pep in your step. The Mistletoe Alliance bonds you and your compatriot into an agreement where no unwanted kissing will occur whether it be from Larry your accountant at your holiday party or with Janice the visiting saleswoman from Spokane who looks remarkably good under the sparkle of the disco ball hung for the occasion. NOTE: More than 3 incidents in a holiday season may be deemed "suspicious".

Happy holidays!

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