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Our Card of the Week - The New Year's Champagne Accord

When coming up with the Tis the Season card line and bringing our Gobsmack'd sensibility into the mix, we realized what was missing: legal agreements between friends and family. Dealing with topics like mistletoe danger, seasonal safewords and not letting people stay at your house longer than 72 hours. But one thing was missing: a plan to deal with the free flowing holiday champagne and any resulting hullaballoo, judicial complications or job loss.

Whether it is at a holiday party with an open bar (though any event with both your boss and HR in attendance should be treated like a work function) or just a special night where you bow to adult peer pressure have "just one more" cocktail, the Champagne Accord ensures that someone's eye is on you. With mutual monitoring agreed upon beforehand, you will be cut off before being inspired to do your "sexy dance" at Nana's Christmas party and you will make sure that the gin martinis are stopped before your bestie regales the office with that one story about his trip to Las Vegas where he thought, after loudly singing Kenny Rogers', The Gambler, that he could play Craps. He, of course, could not play Craps. A funny story for friends, but maybe not the best story for the new staff accountant to share.

Happy holidays!

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