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Our Card of the Week - The Singleton Valentine's Day Card, #2

The Gobsmack'd Greetings Truthteller Line tells it like is. The Truthteller Line will always tell you when you have spinach in your teeth. The Truthteller Line will always be your wingman at that party where everyone is talks about how much they hate Morriessey, but love the Smiths and are all wearing fake, non-prescription eyeglasses even when you know they hate everything hipster..

And for each anecdote about the lady or fellow who had a meet-cute and successful relationship from online dating, the Truthteller Line remembers all those episodes of 48 Hours where someone ended up in garbage bags in someone's trunk. And when you feel sorry for youself on a dateless, Saturday night, the Truthteller Line will remind you how fun it is to take up a 4-top table on a Valentine's Day by yourself. And take your sweet time while making lots of eye contact. Valentine's Day might be a day for lovers, but it is also a day where a bunch of guys got shot up in a Chicago warehouse. Be single. Be proud.

And all on 100% PCW recycled paper.

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