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Our Card of the Week - The Shop Talk Subtext "Take a Hint" Card

The Gobsmack'd Greetings Shop Talk card line blends theatre and real life. Using the vocabulary of the theatre nerds you knew in high school who were smoking clove cigarettes and making thinly veiled insults in the language of the Bard and applies it to modern day situations like birthday parties (farce) and apologies (upstage) and floundering flirtations (cue, subtext).

The Shop Talk subtext card is there for you when months of hints and winks and nudges are NOT making the point. You can only throw so many, "me, toos!" and "I'd ALSO like to see that films!" caually into in a conversation. And it says to the most obtuse of love interests, "hey, take a hint, let's go out" without actually saying it. You are welcome.

And all on 100% PCW recycled paper.

crop theater 7606.jpg
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