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Happy Dictionary Day

As a young nerd, I was the kid that celebrated meeting Roald Dahl like most kids celebrated Barbie, I asked for (and received) a typewriter for my 8th birthday and as a child of a reader, I had my own mini home library before I started kindergarten.

But one constant in my world of bibliophilia, is my love of the dictionary. Ever since my mother would make me look up a word instead of just telling me how to spell it, I have loved dictionaries. While I own 4 dictionaries, I admit I do sometimes use Google to check my spelling or an online thesaurus. But just like Beverly Cleary, I know if i look up a word in the dictionary, the odds are pretty high that I'll start reading entries one after the other.

So in a world of text-speak, digital books and where volcanology has replaced vulcanology as the commonly accepted term (a bitter, bitter pill), I'm happy we still celebrate the dictionary.

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